BCTC 主日会所出入登记 Sunday Building Access Registration

Please read and check all boxes:

如果我身体有病或对来教会参加感到不舒服,我不会参加。I will not attend if I do not feel healthy or fell uncomfortable about attending.
如果我或我的家人在过去14天內接触过Covid-19,我不会参加。I will not attend if I or anyone in my family have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
如果我或我的家人有患有易感基础疾病或有高风险,我不会参加。 I will not attend if I or someone in my house has a pre-existing medical condition or is considered high-risk.
我会在教会全程戴口罩,保持社交距离 I will wear facemask, exercise the best sanitation practices and keep social distancing at ALL times.

For more information you may visit the following web pages: